December 31, 2006

Eloheim Speaks about Homo-Spiritus from 10-18-06

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This is a very interesting 7 minute clip about the spiritual journey and where we are headed.



December 30, 2006

Eloheim speaks about the Core Emotion, I Am Not Seen.

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This is an additional conversation from January 26, 2005. Here Eloheim talks about the Core Emotion, “I am not seen.”

Eloheim: Part of healing your core emotion is not hating yourself for having one in the first place. Your core emotion is “I am not seen” if you hate that part of you or resist that part of you…..

Q: I don’t resist it, I get pissed off when people don’t hear me or see me. I get angry. Is that what I am supposed to do?

Eloheim: No (lots of laughter from group)

Q: Beneath the anger is…..

Eloheim: Beneath the anger is “Goddamn you, why don’t you see me?” (more laughter)

Q: And beneath that is?

Eloheim: And beneath that is “I am not worth being seen.”

The only way to be worth being seen is to believe in yourself.

Q: (comments cannot be understood on the tape)

Eloheim: If someone doesn’t see you, you say, “I see myself, I am in my body, I am grounded, I am present in this moment, I am not thinking about two weeks from now, I am not thinking about work. I am here in this moment. I am seeing myself.”

Because not seeing yourself is not being in your body. So if you don’t get seen, it is because you are not seeing yourself in that moment.

This is not the 100% way we would like to express this, but it is the fastest way to express it.

If you find yourself in a social encounter and you don’t see people engaging with you or feel like they are noticing you, we want you to turn your eyeballs around in your head and look inside your body.

Look at your spine, look at your organs…..

Q: I could get naked too (lots of laughter)

Eloheim: If you can do that and remain present, that works too. (more laughter)

Because your tendency is to be ahead of yourself. You tend to not be here, you are someplace else. It is difficult for people to see you when they don’t know where you are. If you feel kinda of nebulous people think “ah, I am going to talk to someone else, because I am not even sure she is in her body”

I liked the idea that we can connect with the moment by looking inside our bodies. Eloheim often brings humor into the meeetings. Here he askes us to look inside by rolling our eyes back in our heads. I think he says it that way because it requires you to actually be in the moment to contemplate such a feat! Certainly we don’t physically roll our eyes back, but energetically we contemplate our physical body to help be more grounded in the moment.

December 29, 2006

Eloheim is asked, Why am I here? (Core Emotion)

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As I mentioned in other posts, Eloheim talks about Core Emotion on a regular basis. There are many, many different core emotions.   Here is an example of Eloheim and a member of our group discussing hers on January 26, 2005.

Q: I find myself going along remarkably well, feeling wonderful and then I can step into a black hole. The black hole is obviously one that I have had forever. That is the biggest one that I haven’t quite dealt with and that I am perpetually dealing with. It is very simple, “Why am I here? Why should I be breathing? Why am I not outta here?” The question of “to be or not to be.”



So life is lot like an onion. This example is an onion that got whomped on the counter and has a bruise in one spot. As you go through your spiritual life, you go around the onion dealing with things. One layer of the onion comes off. But, each time you go around you come back to that bruised area. This is like the dark night of the soul. This is the place where you have unresolved issues that are… not necessarily….we don’t want to call them unresolved issues because that is such a trite thing to say. This is such a deep, core issue; A core emotion.


Your core emotion is, “Why am I here?” and your whole life is a study of that question. “Why I am here, what is the point?” When you were young you couldn’t see a good answer to that. Now that you are not so young you are starting to decide, “Well, I am here, so I may as well explore what it means to be here and to get tools for being here.” As you explore the core emotion that you experience.


Using the onion analogy, each time you come around to that pit of “Why am I here?” Recognize that it is just the time to go through this at the new level you have achieved. So your energy raises, as you en-soul your body, as you become more knowledgeable, as you are inspired by Guidance, all of these things…you have to pass through that core emotion each time your energy raises. We would hope that it is less of a violent experience for you each time.


But, it is what it is. It is there because it is. Core emotions are not something that you can say, “Why do I have it? I don’t want to have it.” It is what it is. The best thing to do with your core emotion is to embrace it as you would a small child and honor it for being your greatest teacher of this lifetime.


In a sense….you were born Caucasian. It is just what it is. You might be able to have a gender change, you might be able to dye your hair, you might be able to gain weight or loose weight, but you don’t change your racial makeup. It is what it is. You are Caucasian.

In a sense, this is what your core emotion is like. It just is.


If all of you can actually show unconditional love to your core emotion, it will help transform it faster. But, it never quite goes away. Because once you heal it, it then it becomes your greatest asset.


Q: I really appreciate your analogy. Because what I have to deal with is everytime I come around to it again, and I do, I feel like AGAIN! Is some thing wrong with me? It made me feel like a failure, every time it came around. But, this perspective is much better and it is actually much truer, because it does come around again and it is less intense.


Eloheim: And you learn something new about it each time because you are a new Being. You can express who you are and why you are here in a different way. But, as you heal that, once you get comfortable with “I am here because I am here”, the healed core emotion becomes your greatest asset.


Of the things we can wish for you, this is high on the list.

December 28, 2006

Eloheim describes the Core Emotion

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I believe that this was one of the first times, if not the first time, that Eloheim addressed the core emotion. I don’t have the date of this conversation, but I believe it was several years ago.

The core emotion is one of the themes of Eloheim’s teaching and I will have more information about it soon.


There is the conscious level, that is the level that says “I have cancer”, that is the level that says “You done me wrong”, that is the level that says “You cut me off you ***hole”. That is the conscious level.


Then comes the unconscious level where you have a reaction to those things. It just happens. It is the habitual response that we have talked about. So you get cut off on the freeway and you get angry. Right? You start saying colorful things. Automatically, often without thought and typically as a default reaction (one that you have had before). Then comes the tricky bit and this is the part where normally people get stuck. We like to call it the camouflage layer. This is the layer that therapists spend lots of time in. You can see it as sort of a gray foggy space.


What happens is: You get cut off on the freeway, now you are pissed. Then you start to spin. You start to spin on all the other times you have been pissed. You start to spin on all the other people you are pissed off at. And the other such and such and so and so and so forth. You are in this layer and you spend a lot of time there. You know how you can say, “my day is ruined now!” Why? You didn’t get in a car wreck. It is because your habitual response kicked in and you plopped down into the camouflage layer.


And now you are not just pissed off at the ***hole on the freeway, you are pissed off at your boss, you’re pissed off at your parents, you’re pissed off at the judge that told you that you had to pay the parking ticket. And you find that the emotion spreads out and you follow that emotion from one thing that pissed you off to the next to the next. Or one thing that hurt you to the next to the next. Or one thing that offended you to the next to the next. And what you are doing is creating a web and you are connecting all of these things and giving it more and more and more power. It becomes more and more offensive or angry. And it is not that you are just pissed off at somebody cutting you off on the freeway you are pissed off because when you were five somebody took your Tonka Truck away.


This is what our friend Eckhart (Eckhart Tolle, author The Power of Now) talks about when he tries to keep you in the present so you don’t spend a whole bunch of time in camouflage.


But let’s take it to the next level. The next level lies below the camouflage. This is the level that therapy doesn’t typically take you too. Because therapy wants to take you down the history of your life and they want to explore why when you get cut off on the freeway you remember your Tonka Truck from five years old. Right?


Then you remember the time you got stood up for prom and then you remember it all and you spend all your money and you cry every week. And you feel a little better until the next time you get cut off on the freeway. But underneath that there is a place. And this is the place that we want to take you. Underneath the camouflage is the prime emotion that is involved. It is usually very simple, usually very clear and absolutely understandable when you experience it. So under the camouflage what is this driving emotion?


You get cut off on the freeway, perhaps and we are just going to use this as an example, really what happens is that your underlying fear deep deep down is I AM NOT SEEN. No one sees me.


So if you take the order of events in reverse, don’t start with getting cut off on the freeway. Start with “I believe I am not seen.” “That is why I got stood up for my prom date. That is why someone can take my truck. Because I am not being seen as someone who has a truck. That is why someone can cut me off on the freeway, because they don’t see me and that pisses me off.”


You see what we are showing you. When you have an experience that generates a strong emotion, don’t get stuck in camouflage. Because when you go deeper than the camouflage and say “truly what I am feeling is that I am not seen” that is the layer that can be healed.


So you can say, “of course I am seen” I have this group of people, I have a family, I have friends, I have a career, I am seen. So that you can nurture yourself on that level, and you can heal yourself on that level. So that the next time you get cut off on the freeway you say “Wooh, that guy is in a hurry” because it is not intricately connected to this prime moving emotion anymore, you break that circuit. So instead of spending the next week being pissed off about being cut off on the freeway, you have all that time and space to do other things.


And there is another little side benefit of this. When the guy cuts you off on the freeway and you say, “that ***hole” you are not making the world a better place. But when the guy cuts you off on the freeway and you immediately think, “wow he must be in a hurry. Or I bet he has a lot on his mind today.” What are you doing? You are sending him love. You are saying “I hope you get there safely, it is ok that you went in front of me, I know that you need to get there. I know that you have a lot on your mind. I hope you figure it out. “ You can send him a little blessing. And don’t think that doesn’t help.


You have disconnected from your own deep fear, but you have done it in a healthy way. You haven’t just swallowed it and taken it and said, “well I guess it is ok that he cut me off, he must be in a hurry.” That is not the same thing. (laughter)



This tool is going to help you because it is going to allow you to live in a place that is real. It is allows you to skip the ego’s delusions. Remember we said that you don’t fight the ego you ignore the ego. Remember we talked about this. It is like a plant, if you don’t water it, it dies.


How better to ignore the ego (because the ego is that camouflage layer) than to just push through it to what is true. And what this takes is your willingness to examine yourself and be honest. Because it is more fun, easier, and lazier to say “***hole” than it is to say, ‘What the heck is going on here for me?” and then to honestly say to yourself “Whoa, I don’t feel that I am seen” and then be with that.


See, the key is be with the emotion that you find down there, sit with it. This process doesn’t have to take forever, it can be instantaneous, you can teach yourself to go immediately from the trigger to realizing you are in the core emotion. The more you work with these core emotions the less they effect you over and over again. As you heal the core emotion, it is like healing the trunk of the tree and the branches get healed as well. It happens quickly because you are working on a level of absolute effectiveness. You are not in the distraction of the ego, you are not in the camouflage layer, you’re in a place that actually has the chance to affect you in a profoundly deep and instantaneous manner.



December 27, 2006

The Spiritual Journey with the Physical Body

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On 12-25-06 we had a short visit with Eloheim. He/They asked us to share this clip.


QUOTE OF THE DAY, Everything is within waiting to be revealed.

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Each moment is an opportunity to shift that what you are caught up in. It is not that you should say, “oh maybe a month of this and it will be over.” That’s never a good idea because any moment can result in the transformation of the whole. Look inside with a connection to your Soul and Guidance, that is the key. You don’t bring it in, you reveal it from within. It is not something outside of yourself that you have to learn. Everything is within you waiting to be revealed to you. You reveal it by using your intention. Connect to your Soul and state “I am willing to have it be revealed.”

December 26, 2006

QUOTE OF THE DAY: What is space made out of?

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What is space made out of?

We are going to give a general answer to this question… and that is that God is everything, and everything else too. In a way you could say that space is the body of God… if God had a body.

December 25, 2006

Eloheim answers, What is Betrayal?

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Our new site is up and running. Please visit us there for expanded offerings from Eloheim.


Betrayal and Trust from July 6, 2005:


So before we can talk about betrayal, we have to talk about trust. And what is trust?

Believing in something.

So you put an understanding in something outside of yourself. You say, “you, out of all of these people, you are the one I am going to believe in” or “you are the cause I am going to believe in.” “I am going to trust YOU”

It is one of the traps of being human because your connection to the Father is so dim you are looking for the way back. The way back feels like reconnection. But when you put your reconnection primarily outside of yourself, it cannot last. Maybe it can last a week, maybe it can last 10 years, maybe it can last a long time. But, it is not permanent. The only connection you can make that is permanent is to your soul and through your soul to the Father.

But that connection is over looked to instead have a connection outside of yourself with another human, because it is so powerfully physical, because you have such a physical reaction to others, your heart beats, you start to get your feelings flowing…. Because you have such a strong connection … this could be to your king, this could be to your ‘right hand man’, your comrade in arms, any of those things. Because that connection is so visceral, you feel like it is real, like it is something you can really count on.

The connection that you can count on is the vertical connection (Soul, Source). Horizontal connections are important, valid, useful, are helpful, but they are not permanent. They are lessons. They are lesson generating experiences. When you decide that your horizontal connections are where your life force connections come from, you are setting yourself up for a fall.

Betrayal is a tool of your soul to get you on track. Betrayal is one of the crude ways to give you a shock to your system. If you feel betrayed, then see where you have extended yourself and made other things in your life more important that your spiritual journey.

December 24, 2006

Eloheim meeting: 12-13-06

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In this 6 minute clip from the 12-13-06 meeting, Eloheim talks about In-Souling your body, energetic shifts and how to work with them, a new way of being, and encourages us to “look for the opportunities your new vibrational state allows.” If you would like to purchase a copy of the entire 70 minute meeting, contact Joseph at 707-694-0652.


QUOTE OF THE DAY: Getting in touch with your Higher Self

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What are the best ways to get in touch with your higher self, and how do you know when it has happened?

You’ll know because you’ll find yourself having insights and information that you don’t currently have. The best ways are by your intentions… repetitious intentions. Every day, even three or more times a day, stating your intention to be more in touch with your higher self. Your higher self wants to be in touch with you, but you must make the intention, repeat it, and want to connect. Part of the reason you don’t connect with your higher self or guides and angels is because doubt gets in the way. If you connect with your soul, angels, and guides on a regular basis you build the bridge, because you get past doubt.

If you have a decision in doing something in your life… stop and ask for your inner guidance to give you feedback… then wait and see what comes to you. If you get nothing in response… decide for yourself which option you like and then ask again for your inner guidance to back you up in your decision and wait again to feel for things to shift within you. Doing this will help you get a feel for when your higher guidance is working with you and familiarize yourself with that energy.

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