December 12, 2006

How did you first meet Eloheim?

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About 15 years ago, I had a reading by a very skilled psychic and channel, Peter Phalam. During that reading we discussed many things. At one point he said that I would become a channel myself. Although I valued much of what he shared, my reaction to that statement was, YEAH RIGHT!

I had been attending a weekly channeling session with Judi and Jazmine so I was quite familiar with channeling. I found it incredibly valuable. I just didn’t see myself doing it!

That all changed when I came to Sonoma. Here I will quote JJ Crow:

One day in 2000, I invited several friends over for a Lakshmi puja. After the chant and puja the participants sat down in a circle. Veronica told one of the participants she had a message for her. Veronica was obviously in an altered state when she revealed the message to one of the women. It was a message that was significant to the woman. At the end of the message she said, “We are the Eloheim and we are pleased to have been with you today.”

Now, even though I knew what had happened, I was overwhelmed by it and started to cry. It didn’t feel bad or wrong, just very intense. I immediately told myself, “that’s never going to happen again.”

It was some time before it did. I tried to work with them on my own a couple of times. I even recorded a very useful message about habitual response, yet it just wasn’t coming together. Almost two years passed without much forward movement.

Finally, a friend and I figured it out. What was needed was a second person to ask the questions and help me with the logistics of the whole thing.

In the very beginning while channeling, I had to raise my right hand in order to receive the energies (boy am I glad that I don’t have to do that any longer). I would get very thirsty, but I wasn’t able to hold a glass (I still have a bunch of straws in a drawer from those days). I had a TON of insecurity about ‘am I making this up?’ and ‘is this real?’ and ‘am I doing it right?’ I needed a lot of reassurance just to stick with it. I would get very sleepy afterward and sometimes need help just getting around. I had to eat so much protein to keep my energy level up (as I don’t like to cook and I am a vegetarian, this was especially challenging – thank GOD for Odwalla protein drinks).

Details, details, details. All of which felt completely unmanageable to me alone, but once I had help became possible.

After about one month, Eloheim told us that this wasn’t just for the two of us and to get a group together. Continuing the quote from JJ Crow:

After that Veronica tried to suppress this inner calling to show up for this powerful expression to come through her. She finally surrendered to the call within and had her first Eloheim gathering in my home with around ten people in attendance. It was an amazing evening and many questions were answered in ways that gave peace of mind to those presenting their questions. Some were about health, some were about loved ones that had passed on, and some were about relationships with family members or lovers. All of the messages that came through were helpful and powerful. That was the beginning of Veronica’s gift of allowing the Powerful Presence of Eloheim to speak to many people and assist them in difficult challenges. Several very deep important issues of mine were put to rest because of Veronica’s willingness to be an instrument for this Higher Wisdom. God bless you, Veronica.

That was in September of 2002 and was the start of the Wednesday night Eloheim meetings.

We meet every Wednesday night in Sonoma, CA. Cd’s of our meetings are available. If you are in the area, please consider joining us. Email for more details.



  1. […] Be sure to read the post, How did you first meet the Eloheim?, for more details. […]

  2. Wonderful site! The initial acclimation to the channeling process is an endurance test of sorts. I am happy to read about your experiences with it as they mirror my own.

    I work with a similar group…and others who are present for individual needs. The teachings are similar. My name for them is Messengers of Light and/or Energy. They kept having me look at the Sun… : ) I got the point.

    Blessings on your path.

    Love and Light,

  3. Monica said,

    Unfortunately, channels do not tend to give details about their experience. I have never been to a sesion, so I have never been able to talk to a channel or see in person how she goes around it. Therefore, it was very interesting to learn about how you felt at the beginning and how thirsty or tired you were afterwards. Thanks for sharing!
    Greetings from Mexico!

  4. Daphne Karandanis said,

    Dear Veronica,

    I, too. started to bring forth messages in 2002, in June, from the Elohim and RA and the Council of A’an and The Council of 12. Many of these are available archived at and people whom I have collaborated with are continuing the work (I have taken a hiatus for the time being).

    A transmission is still running on YouTube, I believe. In an interview w/ Dr. Mattie Clare of “Welcome to the Vortex” done about 8 months ago or so.
    If you Google Daphne Vortex, you’ll find it…

    Thank you for sharing your initial experiences…mine were of a similar nature, and I needed to back down because of physical depletion of energies…we were not only channeling for a room of people, but doing it for large audiences, and I couldn’t handle the energies….

    Blessings in your work, and I would enjoy hearing from you if you are so moved…

    Pax Christos, Daphne 😉

  5. Pat Crosby said,

    Veronica, Love,

    Thanks for spelling out the process of starting to channel. Master Guide Kirael has been encouraging me for several years to begin channeling myself.

    In the first year, it would take me over an hour to get one little paragraph of automatic writing down. And I felt incredibly self-conscious and funny (as in weird).

    My Friends, however, LOVED what I wrote and gave me lots of big positive pats on the back. So I felt encouraged – though shy.

    Last year, the pressure to bring in more messages increased…. and in the beginning it was tiring – as you said – and I was always very hungry and often VERY sleepy afterward.

    This year, I am getting more used to the energies passing through my field and bodies… and building my stamina. I am energized when I see the very positive effects the energies and messages have on those who receive them. For me, that is motivating for me to continue on this exciting new path.

    My guides also really like when other people are present… and at a current weekly group, we do Q & A format at the request of the guides. This format is allowing me to further attune to their energies, and style of presenting their information… as my mind gropes to put their images and key words into a semblance of sensible sounding English sentences to convey their messages to the listeners present.

    My website where I am archiving the channels are:


    I am going to post your recent message on forgiveness on my forgiveness site… your guides have said in another way what the ForGIVEness guides taught me in Lake Titicaca in Peru last spring.

    It is fun to think that the guides are collaborating and comparing how-to notes just as we humans are doing so on our plane.

    Blessings – and THANK YOU for all that you are doing.


    Pat Crosby

  6. Mazie Miles said,

    Hello and Good Evening,

    I have watched your U Tube sessions and find that the sense of humor and the direct way of speaking is wonderful.
    I tried to email you and find out how to speak to the Eloheim for my own lifes purpose and direction but was told on several occasions that the email address is not a working address. So, I thought coming here to ask is the only way to find out the information I so need.
    Hope to hear from you.

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