December 19, 2006

Retribalization – Finding our Soul Group to facilitate Soul growth

Posted in Channeling, Eloheim, Eloheim Audio, Soul at 4:49 pm by Eloheim Channel

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In this clip from 10-11-06, Eloheim talks about retribalization. How hooking up with those in our Soul Group faciliates growth and transformation. Reading the definitions listed on the right side of this page before listening to this clip will help make it more clear.




  1. Cynthia said,

    Just prior to listening to yur message I was thinking about an idea or nudge that I received about two yers ago and that was getting triebs together and also about when triebs meet they will know each other. Since then I have come into the company of people who mean something deep in me and that feeling of familiarity. It was no surprise that when I listened to your message it all began coming together adn the entities around me both living and in spirit are those with whom I have the same mission which is giving voice and education to woman’s issues and child abuse issues. I can feel that it is coming together and I allow it to come together. Thank you for the message. It is encouraging.

  2. Cynthia said,

    P.S. no surprise tha the numer on this message is my birthday Love and Light 12.19.06

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