December 25, 2006

Eloheim answers, What is Betrayal?

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Betrayal and Trust from July 6, 2005:


So before we can talk about betrayal, we have to talk about trust. And what is trust?

Believing in something.

So you put an understanding in something outside of yourself. You say, “you, out of all of these people, you are the one I am going to believe in” or “you are the cause I am going to believe in.” “I am going to trust YOU”

It is one of the traps of being human because your connection to the Father is so dim you are looking for the way back. The way back feels like reconnection. But when you put your reconnection primarily outside of yourself, it cannot last. Maybe it can last a week, maybe it can last 10 years, maybe it can last a long time. But, it is not permanent. The only connection you can make that is permanent is to your soul and through your soul to the Father.

But that connection is over looked to instead have a connection outside of yourself with another human, because it is so powerfully physical, because you have such a physical reaction to others, your heart beats, you start to get your feelings flowing…. Because you have such a strong connection … this could be to your king, this could be to your ‘right hand man’, your comrade in arms, any of those things. Because that connection is so visceral, you feel like it is real, like it is something you can really count on.

The connection that you can count on is the vertical connection (Soul, Source). Horizontal connections are important, valid, useful, are helpful, but they are not permanent. They are lessons. They are lesson generating experiences. When you decide that your horizontal connections are where your life force connections come from, you are setting yourself up for a fall.

Betrayal is a tool of your soul to get you on track. Betrayal is one of the crude ways to give you a shock to your system. If you feel betrayed, then see where you have extended yourself and made other things in your life more important that your spiritual journey.

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