January 5, 2007

Eloheim: 1-03-07 A Different Way to Use The Tarot

Posted in Channeling, Eloheim, Eloheim Audio, Soul, Spirituality, Tarot at 10:28 pm by Eloheim Channel

Eloheim promised a fun exercise to start the new year. They had me take all of my Tarot decks to the meeting. Each person picked a deck that resonated with them. We set the books/instructions aside. They then asked us to divide up into pairs.

Eloheim asked us to connect to the Earth and to our Soul. We then set an intention for choosing a card. This clip was part of the discussion after we had chosen a card that would illuminate the next 30 days for our partner.

Eloheim didn’t want us to rely on the books’ interpretation of the card, they wanted us to rely on our Soul to give us the interpretation. This was an exercise designed to further our connection to our Soul and its Guidance.

This theme, Connection to the Soul, has been Eloheim’s primary focus for some time now. They tell us that through our Soul, we have access to all knowledge.

Here is part of the commentary about this way of using the Tarot.


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  1. Lucky7Star said,

    I’m not sure if its just bing in a “system”, I mean we are all in a system of sorta and not really of our pure thoughts but more along the lines of thoughts as they are imposed upon our perception which at the ends of the day is Inescapable from our illusions of reality. StillI would love to have you share your thought if you would like to use the submit-news feature ofDoctor Buzzard’s Tasteless Tonic and Medicine Show! and just get the opinion of the guild. Its all about this weird experience that we all, as spirits of the universe, share in this inevitable moment of life.

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