January 9, 2007

Eloheim answers: What happens after we die?

Posted in Channeling, Eloheim, Eloheim Quotes, Free Will, Soul, Spirituality at 10:39 pm by Eloheim Channel

What happens to humans after they die such as being reborn, going to heaven or hell, or just stop existing?

What you have to remember is that you have the ability to create your world and that because the spiritual never truly ends, and because you’ve involved yourself in a free-will environment, you can actually create that which you will experience after you die. It’s important to recall in this situation that it doesn’t take 100% of your soul to run a physical body on Earth. So your soul can never be lost in these illusions you create in a free-will zone. But a portion of your soul’s energy, or “hard drive”, could be spending time in hell, but not your entire hard drive… and at some point because hell then would be a free-will zone… at some point you might just get sick and tired of it and using your free will you could free yourself from it… which might be challenging. That’s a big lesson for a soul to go through… and many portions of souls are going through this at this time.

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