January 26, 2007

Eloheim answers: 1-17-07 What is the opposite of fear, lack and guilt?

Posted in Channeling, Eloheim, Eloheim Quotes, Spirituality at 11:36 am by Eloheim Channel

Elohiem was asked to give us the opposite of fear, guilt and lack. He explained that the opposite of fear is Certainty. The opposite of guilt is Deserving. The opposite of lack is Knowing. He combined these into a mantra.

I certainly know I deserve to manifest instantaneously.

It occurs to me that you could change the words ‘to manifest instantaneously’ to whatever it is you are teaching yourself you deserve or you could add on to the mantra whatever it is you desire to manifest.

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  1. jerry said,

    Also – PRIDE would appear to be the opposite of guilt, so, we could try

    I am certainly proud of my continued ability to manifest instantly

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