February 23, 2007

Eloheim: 02-21-07 Conversation about creating paid off credit cards

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This clip from the 2-21-07 meeting follows the clip I posted earlier about the Law of Attraction. Eloheim continues the explanation of the four different levels from which we create. Eloheim does this by asking for an example of something that we want to attract.

One of the group members offers her situation (wanting to pay off credit card debt) as an example and Eloheim walks through the process with her. Eloheim suggests that her anxiety about her credit card debt is really just a reason not to ‘go for her great nature’. If the credit cards were paid off, then she would have no excuse to hold herself back from reaching out and doing what she feels drawn to do.

This clip is a powerful example of Eloheim’s teaching us to become conscious of the ‘thing’ we are really creating from. The last 90 seconds is especially powerful as Eloheim sums up the conversation.

Eloheim: 02-21-07 Conversation about creating paid off credit cards



  1. randysue said,

    Receiving this information from Eloheim was like a breath, no…more like a tornado, of fresh air to me because I have been struggling with this issue for more years than I care to count.

    I have known about the Law of Attraction processes for almost 10 years but still I could not manifest being debt free and maintain it for any length of time.

    Over the years, I’ve read numerous books on Law of Attraction, listened to many, many tapes and cd’s and watched these movies over and over again,(“What the Bleep… and “The Secret”) all in the hopes that by applying the processes, I would be where I desired to be…financially free…

    Well, nothing much had helped until Eloheim explained what was missing…my awareness of the other 3 levels from which I was creating! I had never heard it explained this way before in such a way I could understand and “do” something about. I realized what was blocking the manifestion of my financial freedom and now I am on a whole new path creating on several levels all at the same time!

    Lately my life has been filled with expressing my love and gratitude for Veronica and Eloheim because of their amazing wisdom and willingness to share this incredible information with the world and that’s how I intend to continue…being in love and gratitude…it doesn’t get any better than this!


  2. David King said,

    Thank you.

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