March 5, 2007

Eloheim: 02-28-07 an example of applying the 4 levels of creating

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In the meeting of 02-28-07, Eloheim asks for feedback about how the group is experiencing the information about the four levels of creating/attracting which was shared in the meeting of 02-21-07. They then expand on the example that is offered.

This clip is especially helpful if you are having difficulty applying or understanding the Law of Attraction.

This quote followed a comment about how we get mad at ourselves for making a mistake, like turning the wrong way at an intersection.

If you said, “oh I was supposed to turn right at that intersection and I turned left”.

1. You are arguing with reality, you are arguing with the moment which never gets you anywhere.

2. You are being mean to yourself, which is the biggest barrier to Spiritual Growth

3. You are loosing the chance to experience the new moment, where everything happens, in the moment.

That is a lot to give up just because you don’t want to take responsibility for your creation.

Eloheim: 02-28-07 an example of applying the 4 levels of creating

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  1. Ferox said,


    I just wanted to thank all of you! Eloheim, Veronica, and all those in the weekly group meetings for being so open with sharing especially parts of meetings that may be a bit personal. I just recently found out about this blog but have been aware of the weekly meetings since Joseph first posted about it on the AP forums. I’m sure there are others like myself benefiting from this wonderful, uplifting, and liberating information : ). A lot of it may not click right away but when it does Oh what a feeling : ). Once again thank you all, looking forward any other additions that might be on the way!

    Much love!

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