March 6, 2007

Eloheim: 02-28-07 Dealing with the items “in my closet”

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This clip from the 02-28-07 meeting follows a sharing by one of the people in the group about her frustration in trying to apply some of the recent teachings about applying consciousness to the ‘items in the closet.’ Just before this clip, there were tears, yet the clip ends with laughter. Sounds like an Eloheim meeting to me!

Some quotes from the clip:

A part of your creative ability, part of your subconscious life, is keeping that closet door shut. Part of the goal, according to our cosmology, is to open the closet door, take things out, apply consciousness to them, so that then they become healed and then they are an asset.

They add consciousness to you instead of requiring consciousness to keep away.

BE KIND to yourself in the process

Later in the meeting Eloheim says:

Any time anything comes up where you wish it was some other way, THAT’S your closet.

It is that internal dynamic that leads to emotional experience,  we are trying to teach you that when you go into emotion you are giving your power away, you are being a victim, you are doing all of these things that you know are not empowering you. When these things come up and you hold them in your body and deal with them in your body….that is the process we have been describing….the things that come into your life that you wish weren’t that way and how you deal with them in order to find a way that makes them more acceptable to you because you created them.

Eloheim: 02-28-07 Dealing with the items “in my closet”

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