May 20, 2007

Eloheim: 05-09-07 How often do you experience the FEELING of Abundance?

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Two of the members of our group are beaders. Recently they were able to purchase thousands of beads from a closed store. Eloheim takes this example to begin a discussion of abudance.

Are you experiencing abundance as a fleeting emotion or a state of being? We are looking to help you learn how to be in an Abundant State of Being!

Eloheim: 05-09-07 How often do you experience the FEELING of Abundance


  1. malganis said,

    No more audios? I have found them very helpful 🙂

  2. eloheim said,

    Hello, I am glad to hear that you are enjoying the audio. We are doing some construction on our home and that has kept me away from the computer. I will be adding more audio soon. You can subscribe to this blog and receive updates by email at this link:

  3. malganis said,

    OK. thanks

  4. mindy said,

    arrrrrgh…i am still on dial-up which makes listening to audios very impractical/impossible. Is there a way to access the text? I want high speed. thanks, Mindy. I wonder does it ever happen that you make a date for Eloheim and they choose to not show up? I loved your turquoise jacket on tuesday. The color was amazing. I felt it could have been an excellent coaching session by you rather than the channeling of eloheim. Is that what integration would look like? Please understand, not criticism, just learning. thanks, Mindy

  5. eloheim said,

    Hi Mindy,
    I know that the audio can be challenging for those on dial-up. I can make arrangements with you to provide the CD’s of the meetings if you like. High speed Internet is quite a nice thing! I can’t type up the meetings as each is 90+ minutes. Even typing a small section takes a very long time.

    Eloheim is always available. They have always come when I have made the invitation.

    The meeting which you attended was very different for me. As Eloheim and I process the integration it is changing everything, including the channellings.

    Typically I remove my personality from the channeling as completely as possible (it took a few years to learn how to do that!). In the last monthly meeting, Eloheim asked me to stay closer. My part was to balance the removal of my personality needs and opinions yet stay close energetically. A very new experience.

    I appreciate that you feel the session could have been coaching from my Veronica personality, but I am very clear that I am not the one who has the information. Sometimes, during the channeling, things will seem very clear and obvious. Then, afterward, I sit and wonder at the information that Eloheim has access to. It shocks me that something can be so obvious one moment, and then, after I leave the channeling I feel like I have NO information about it at all. Plus, I am in such an altered state afterward. During the channeling I feel one way, immediately after the channeling I feel a completely different way. The difference is huge.

    What will it be like to be with that Eloheim energy all of the time? What will come of this integration? Stay tuned! We are all finding out together.

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