July 4, 2007

Eloheim 06-13-07: No inertia for work – How do we feel good about work?

Posted in Channeling, Eloheim, Eloheim Audio, Homo Spiritus, Manifestation, Transformation at 6:39 am by Eloheim Channel

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This clip came out of a discussion about how many members of the group couldn’t get motivated to do their work. Eloheim explains that as we move toward instantaneous manifestation we leave behind the “gotta get it done” daily grind. They also give us some tips about how to walk the fine line between Homo Sapiens and Homo Spiritus as it relates to money and earning a living.

Eloheim 06-13-07: No inertia for work – How do we feel good about work?



  1. mindy said,

    is it just me that can’t download this one?………..mindy

  2. eloheim said,

    Hi Mindy, it is working fine on this end. Perhaps restart your computer and try again…. Veronica

  3. Ari said,

    wow thanks 🙂

    I just dropped out of college because I felt it was not aligned with what my soul came here to do, and was only distracting me from my passions and manifesting my gifts into this world; but it was very hard thing to do. It’s a very nice idea that this decision is apparently debilitative from the “homo-sapien” perspective so engrossed in the materialization on this planet; though the truth of the situation is that I feel in my heart going through college just because I’m told to do would in fact be the debilatative thing, going through lower vibrations when my soul would vibrate higher elsewhere.

    now.. I just need to find my middle ground!

    Thanks again

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