October 28, 2007

No meeting on Halloween, Thursday the 1st instead

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Hello everyone,

A quick scheduling update. Since Halloween falls on a Wednesday this year, we will change the meeting from 10/31 to 11/1. I can’t remember ever holding an Eloheim meeting on a Thursday before! Call Joseph at 707-694-0652 for more information.

Also, the first Tuesday of the month is November 6th. We will hold our regular monthly meeting in Santa Rosa at 7:00pm. Call Patty at 707-327-8393 for directions.

As a reminder, our next meeting at Crystal Bill’s wonderful crystal showroom in Mill Valley is December 2nd.  You can call Bill at  415-381-6627 or visit his website at  http://www.elegantcrystals.com.



October 24, 2007

Eloheim: 09-26-07 Be to Receive Your Needs Met

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All thanks go to Marilyn who spent some time transcribing part of a recent Eloheim meeting!  Eloheim had shared with us the concept of Rather than continuing to Do to Get, Be to Receive Your Needs Met.  This proved to be a real challenge to me as I have identified myself as a person that “Gets things done!”.  In this meeting, Eloheim started explaining how your experience differs when you shift into Be to Receive and how this shift is a way of increasing Consciousness as well.

Here are the highlights:

When you do to get, you get something very different than you receive when you be.

When you be to receive, you receive what you need.

When you do to get you get things like a paycheck with the taxes all taken out, or the sterile thing you receive in the mail, or it gets automatically deposited into the bank and you don’t even know it is happening. That is a get thing. And that kind of a get thing is very generic and of course money being a most generic thing because you can exchange it for just about anything. There is a very generic exchange that occurs.

If (winning a million dollars) was the answer to where you are in your life, that would have been very easy to create a long time ago, but that is not the answer to the need that is responding to you being. In fact the reason why a million dollars doesn’t manifest instantaneously for almost every single one of you is because that would then not let you to address the reason you were embodied in the first place. Fighting against that truth is a waste of your time. You be to receive what you need in the moment. Doing, getting is old school waste of time.


Now somewhere between doing to get and being to receive there’s a bridge. And you are all scattered along that bridge in various places depending upon what has triggered you in that moment. In some cases, you are all the way over into be to receive. In other cases you are still over in Do to get.

You go back and forth on the bridge depending on what the stimulus is and how you are able to handle it in that moment and depending upon who comes along and gives you that stimulus. So it might be a family member who freaks you out so you are back in do to get or with a friend you can be in be to receive. Does everyone get the picture…back and forth across the bridge?

The reality here is that you want to resist the temptation of the mind to beat yourself up about where you are on the bridge. This is the main focus that you should have. You are not ready to simply “be” 24/7. You are not there yet. One of the reasons you’re not there yet is because your society holds a different energetic and it is very difficult to be involved in society and be able to be. So don’t abuse yourself for not having that ability yet.

But again apply consciousness so you can recognize “where am I on the bridge”? If I’m beating my head against the wall trying to pay my bills, then let’s look at where I am on the bridge about each specific bill. You will be amazed to find that with different bills you’re in a different place. As we have pointed out before, being to receive the mortgage payment seems a lot harder than being to receive the P,G,& E payment. OK? We understand that and we are not going to beat you up about that and we ask you to
facilitate the process of becoming a being to receiver by not beating yourself up either. Because that is a mind action that withdraws you from the ability to be to receive and puts you into do to get world.

You can probably understand that be to receive is a high vibrational state and do to get is a lower vibrational state. Do to get is very habitual. Be to receive is a conscious choice, right? It is very obvious, the difference between those two states? The bridge between those two is a walk of consciousness then. Yes? So, just as we have brought up all these other ways, the weather, the core emotion, with the things going on in your body, and all these other things that can help you apply consciousness, the do to get/be to receive bridge is a place for you to do that as well.



October 7, 2007

Save the Date – Sunday, December 2nd, 5-8pm

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Hello everyone,

On Sunday, December 2nd, we will once again have an Eloheim channeling at Crystal Bill’s showroom in Mill Valley, CA. We will gather at 5:00pm and have a potluck dinner to start the evening. The entire night hasn’t been planned yet. I am certain we will have other wonderful activities. I know that December can book up fast and I wanted to get this “save the date” message out early. More details soon!

In the meantime, Here is an update from Crystal Bill himself.  I just realized that I am a little late in posting this class.  However, it if interests you, call Bill as I know he has ongoing classes.

Hello Crystal Lovers!
This is an update on our crystal workshop, coming up this Sunday, October 7 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.  in my Crystal Gallery in Mill Valley, Marin County.

I am hosting a full day crystal workshop on Sunday, October 7. For the
details, please go to
http://www.elegantcrystals.com/     and click on “Workshop Schedule.”

In brief, this is co-hosted by Leela Hutchison, the first North
American woman to visit the incredible selenite Cave of the Giants, in
Naica, Mexico.

Leela will show her amazing slide photos on the big screen at my
gallery. Some of the crystals she visited are 33 feet long, and weigh
over 100,000 pounds each!
We will be sharing all sorts of skills for working with selenite and
quartz crystals for healing, meditation, and visualization.

I will be introducing two rare kinds of new crystals:
Living Rainbow Crystals, which show movement of rainbows INSIDE the crystals and
Brazilian Elestial Crystals, amongst the most complicated
and profound shapes on Earth!

We also have over 10,000 pounds of fine crystals and geodes for sale.
Please visit the website above to see over 300 different pieces of
quartz and minerals, including some of the largest ones in the world!

Please call me or email if you have any questions, or would like  to
reserve a seat at either event.

“Crystal Bill” Kaunitz