May 30, 2008

Two Eloheim channeling meetings next week, Tues and Wed

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Since next week is the first Tuesday of the month, we will have our monthly meeting in Santa Rosa.  We will also have our regular, weekly meeting on Wednesday in Sonoma.  Additionally, I will be channeling Eloheim in Ashland, Oregon on June 21st.

Here is a short quote from Eloheim taken from our first book which is currently being created.

Your Soul decided to incarnate as a human on Earth in order to grow.  You, as a personality, were formed by your Soul and created from your Soul’s essence.  You collaborated with your soul to craft your personality and life template to maximize the opportunities for your Soul to experience the growth it desires.  Your Soul has many situations it wishes you to experience in order to facilitate that growth. Your personality, your thoughts, your feelings, and all of your experiences, will eternally be a part of your Soul.

Our meetings are open to the public.  We meet in Sonoma, CA every Wednesday and in Santa Rosa, CA on the first Tuesday of each month.  Call Joseph at 707-694-0652 if you would like details about attending the Sonoma meeting.  Call Patty 707-327-8393 if you would like details about attending the Santa Rosa meeting.

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