July 28, 2008

ELOHEIM VIDEO: How the NOW Leads to Bliss

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From 7-23-08 part 2 of 2:

When you stop and (are) conscious of the now, the next moment is a moment of discovery. When you allow yourself to be swept along with habitual responses to the now, and your judgment that something (you are experiencing) is bad, the next moment is suffering.

So, you choose.

It is a Spiritual Choice.

The video image is quite dark as the sun went down and the room lights were off. This is part two of the discussion about the moment from the meeting of 7-23-08.


  1. danielle said,

    This is excellent, as they all are!! I am so glad I found these videos. I made notes on this one. From now on I will keep my notebook handy!

  2. Randy said,

    I get it!

    Guilt- what happened is not ok
    Fear – what’s going to happen is not ok
    Lack – what’s happening is not ok

    I keep my focus on what was, is, or will be is ALL ok…and then all IS truly ok!

    Thank you Eloheim (and Veronica of course.)

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