August 19, 2008

ELOHEIM VIDEO: Use language to break habitual response

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This short clip is from the 8-13-08 meeting. In it, Eloheim explains how to use language to remove yourself from the habitual responses of the culture.

Veronica channels Eloheim 5 times a month in Sonoma County, CA. Phone sessions are also available. Email for more information.

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  1. Randy said,

    Re-Phrasing. A great reminder for me so I can view the circumstances around me in such a way that keeps me focused on my path. When I don’t rephrase what I’m seeing in my life, I can get caught up in that “victim mentality”. Oh poor so and so had this happen to them. I buy into he or she is a victim, which makes me a victim and I don’t recognize the gift in that moment, which is crucial to my spiritual growth.
    So, once again, thank you Eloheim (and Veronica) for your (always) right on analysis of our physical human being ways and how to shift them easily to propel us along our merry spiritual ways! 🙂

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