September 1, 2008

ELOHEIM VIDEO: Energies of September 2008

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This clip from the Eloheim Channeling of 8-27-08 begins with a short summary of the August energies and moves into a detailed discussion of the energies of September 2008. The energies of September are focused on setting boundaries and using the sexual energy of the second chakra to rewrite our biology. Eloheim discusses how to experience conscious sexuality with or without a partner. They are very clear that this is not just about sex, but is about a new way to use sexual energy.

The engine of the sexual expression drives the biologic transformation. Instead of you having to make conscious spiritual choice to override your mind’s limiting outlook, when you collaborate with sexual energy, you have an engine pushing your guided transformational process. It is a completely different way of experiencing transformation.


  1. Glenda Lybbert said,

    O WOW thank you so much for this message

  2. Licia Berry said,

    Thanks so much for this confirmation….the second chakra work and sexual energy is exactly what I am going through in my own process.

    I appreciate the grounded, sane, practical, non-woo-woo way you channel; it is very much like the way I channel the angelic spectrum. Thank you!


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