September 27, 2008

ELOHEIM VIDEO: 9-17-08 Who You Truly Are

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This video is from the 9-17-08 meeting.  Eloheim talks about the Energetic Opportunity to find out “who you truly are” which we all have access to right now.  This clip builds and builds to a very powerful summary of what we are able to access right now!

I am no longer going to deny the expansiveness of my Soul that I have access to.

Eloheim is channeled five times a month in Sonoma County, CA.  Our meetings are open to the public and admission is by donation.  Private sessions by phone or in person are also available.  For session information or to purchase a CD of any of our previous meetings, email



  1. John said,

    This a really great clip. very powerful. When Eloheim uses the “we mean business” tone you know something very important is being said. Enjoy. Cheers, John M.

  2. Judy Westphal said,

    Hi, I really love watching the videos. I could watch them daily. Was just wondering if the channeling is done once a week, why we don’t have a video to watch every week.

  3. eloheim said,

    Hi Judy,
    Thanks! It is great to hear that you are enjoying the videos. It takes several hours (sometimes longer) to listen to the recording of the meeting, prepare a clip, transcribe the quotes, and get the who package uploaded to YouTube and to this site.

    My intention is to add a clip each week, but the last couple of weeks have been quite full which kept me away from the computer.

    However, I do have another clip prepared and should have it up today or tomorrow so you will get two this week!

    Thanks again for the message,

  4. Joseph said,

    Hello Everyone,

    I just wanted to briefly point out that I have been helping out with some of the technical aspects of the video productions here and I know how time consuming it can be to get just one 10 minute clip all prepared and posted.

    Please remember that this is all a volunteer service for all of you and not part of the regular channeling Veronica has been doing for so many years. If you are getting something from these videos please do not hesitate to make a donation, because I know that the donations fall far short of paying her well for her time and efforts.

  5. margaret said,

    This is solid and challanging without being scary. I am committed to eliminating whatever gets in the way of inner peace, staying in the calm inner swirl of huge storm of Earth changes and cultural shifts. How amazing to have such specific guidance about how to hold a vision of the personal response necessary for this.

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