September 30, 2008

ELOHEIM 9-24-08: Preview of the next 6 months

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Our new site is up and running. Please visit us there for expanded offerings from Eloheim.


In this clip from the 9-24-08 meeting, Eloheim summarizes what is going on energetically and previews what the next 6-7 months will be like:

This is the time of choice.

You are choosing, every single moment, to support your high vibrational life, your high vibrational experience, OR to go habitual, to go matching low vibration, and to go diminishing.

No one can take that choice from you because you live in free will zone, and no one can make those choices for you and, more importantly, no one can make you choose.

Eloheim is channeled five times a month in Sonoma County, CA. Our meetings are open to the public. Admission is by donation.  Private sessions by phone or in person are also available. For session information or to purchase a CD of any of our previous meetings, email



  1. John said,

    That’s a lot to look forward to….. AND I never thought that I would be looking forward to the next tax season. This should be good! Cheers, John

  2. peg hamilton said,

    Thank you so much for your service to humanity.
    Would you please offer us a transcript.
    Many ofus are not able to get videos.
    We do want to know what was said.
    hopefully peg hamilton

  3. eloheim said,

    Hello Peg,
    Right now, I can’t offer transcripts. It takes several hours to prepare a single video (after the channeling). If I were to type the entire transcript it would be days! However, since I am working on an Eloheim book, I did purchase some new software that should help in this area. There is a good chance I will be able to add transcripts to my offerings before the end of the year.

    In the meantime, if you would like to purchase a CD of a recent meeting, it is $10 which includes shipping in the USA. Email for further details.


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