October 6, 2008

ELOHEIM: Energies of October, 2008 It’s all about Choice!

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Our new site is up and running. http://eloheim.info/ Please visit us there for expanded offerings from Eloheim.


Eloheim spoke at length at the beginning of the October 1st meeting about the energies of October 2008. I did my best to condense this information into a 10 minute clip! If you would like to purchase a CD of the entire meeting, please email Eloheimchannel@yahoo.com.

October is about Choice!

Eloheim is channeled five times a month in Sonoma County, CA. Private sessions by phone or in person may be arranged by sending an email to eloheimchannel@yahoo.com. If you wish to receive an email when new messages are posted to the Eloheim site, please follow this link: http://www.feedblitz.com/f/?Sub=135615

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