October 7, 2008

ELOHEIM 10-5-08: Experiencing Authenticity and Bliss

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Our new site is up and running. http://eloheim.info/ Please visit us there for expanded offerings from Eloheim.


This clip includes the opening comments from our meeting at Crystal Bill’s Crystal Showroom on October 5, 2008. Bill has an amazing selection of crystal including some of the largest crystals I have ever seen in person! His website is: http://www.elegantcrystals.com

The clip begins with Margaret Henderson providing intuitive sounds. Margy is a sound healer in Sonoma, CA. Her website is: http://www.spiralsounds.net

Eloheim speaks about using our new vibrational level to live more authentically. They also talk about living from Bliss which they also describe as living from a state of neutral observation.

Now we are entering a time where you subtly adjust your flow through society as you continuously increase the vibrational level you carry and the vibrational level that you Soul is able to infuse in you so that you can access higher levels of information, higher levels of insight, and really live from a place of clarity and insight.

While we were at Crystal Bill’s, Bill took this photo of me holding a very special crystal. The crystal was illuminated from below and projected a rainbow across my face!

Eloheim is channeled five times a month in Sonoma County, CA. All groups are open to the public and we would love to have you join us. Admission is by donation. Private sessions by phone or in person are available. I make a CD of the session for you to take with you (or to mail to you). The sessions are typically 45–50 minutes.

If you wish to receive an email when new messages are posted to the Eloheim site, please follow this link: http://www.feedblitz.com/f/?Sub=135615


  1. mindy said,

    I have had “moments” of bliss in this lifetime and upon recognition and grasping to have more living in that space, the feeling would vanish. I was 17 and walking down an icy path, just feeling that all was right in the world,at one revisited bliss moment. I have been sitting in a restaurant, before ordering or receiving food, with loved ones, and felt bliss- even with muzak playing! I have always been open to living in that spot, yet any movement toward would feel like grasping something ephemeral and trying to pin it down. It has vanished from trying to describe it. I think the attitude of self containment will be helpful somehow in progressing toward living in that spot. I am astounded and grateful that the Eloheim have, once again, hit on exactly what my soul has always craved. Thanks to them and to you Veronica, and to the electronic wizards that allow me to view this in the morning, with my coffee and in my pj’s. peaceharmonylaughterlove, Mindy

  2. […] about this subject by following this link.  The section on bliss is toward the end of the video: https://eloheim.wordpress.com/2008/10/07/eloheim-10-5-08-experiencing-authenticity-and-bliss/ Owning your reactions means being conscious in the moment. It also means not letting it (the […]

  3. Glenda Lybbert said,

    Hi, I am expressing my gratitude for all your channellings. My Christman gift to myself this year will be to purchise a couple of them, decided which ones will be fun. May you be blessed in what ever you need and thank you, Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Merry Christmas, Glenda

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