November 25, 2008

ELOHEIM: Feeling Sorry for Another vs. Compassion

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Since the video from the 11-19-08 meeting didn’t come out, here is an extra clip from the 11-12-08 meeting.  One of the group members mentioned that she felt the healing she was doing was supporting healing for the women in her lineage.  This lead into a discussion of Feeling Sorry for Others compared to Feeling Compassion for Others.

Occasionally, Eloheim catches me completely by surprise with some of their concepts.   This clip includes the latest installment!

Quotes from the clip:

I am doing a service to all by healing myself

Compassion is: “I feel a truth here within me that seems to be a truth that is within you”

Feeling sorry for them is making them a victim, not only of whatever circumstances they are in, but of your inability to be conscious.

When you feel sorry for someone, you are making them a victim of your unconsciousness.


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  1. Glenda Lybbert said,

    another wind opened, what you see is an opportunity to see something that you didn’t realize was there- you see it, realize it, maybe learn, heal it, and express gratitude for the Learning >……..? thank you Glenda got to buy this one lol

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