December 1, 2008

ELOHEIM: Law of Attraction – Greatest Hits Flashback #2

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Recently I posted a collection of audio clips about our relationship to our Souls.  Today I have a collection of clips about the Law of Attraction.  These date to the time when The Secret was all the rage.  I found Eloheim’s take on the whole thing incredibly powerful.  It was especially helpful in answering questions such as “Why did I create this?”   In these clips, Eloheim speaks about ‘the closet’.  The closet refers to that part of us that is holding onto old patterns, old thoughts, habitual responses, fear, guilt, lack, etc.

Clicking on these links will open your audio player.  It may take a moment or a minute to start playing, it all depends on the set up of your computer.

This clip is from the 02-21-07 meeting.  It is 11:55 minutes long.  In this clip, Eloheim introduces the four levels which we are creating from.

ELOHEIM: 02-21-07 Law of Attraction

This clip is from the 02-28-07 meeting.  It is 4:10 minutes long.  It starts with one group member sharing how the insight into Law of Attraction is helping her.  Eloheim then talks about, “If I create my reality, then I created cancer? Why would I have done that?”

ELOHEIM: 02-28-07 example of 4 levels of creating

In this clip from 03-06-07 Eloheim discusses getting clear about what you desire to manifest and what the intention is behind the desire.  Are you creating from lack or fear? If you are, it will be more difficult to manifest what you desire. The clip is 5:36 minutes long.

ELOHEIM: 03-06-07 Are you creating from lack or fear?

If you are interested in hearing more recent insights from Eloheim about lack, please visit this post:

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