December 19, 2008

ELOHEIM: 3 Spiritual Decisions

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The channeling session of December 17, 2008 was quite unusual. Eloheim decided to give each person at the meeting a ‘mini session’. They walked around the circle working and talking with each person. This clip comes from a section of the meeting where Eloheim was ‘taking a break’ and sat down to share the Three Spiritual Decisions.

During this clip you will see something that doesn’t happen very often! I blocked Eloheim’s ability to share their story by wanting to use my brain to remember the first time this story had been shared.

Eloheim decided, for the first time, to not coddle me in this, but to wait for me to stop trying to ‘figure it out’ before sharing the rest of their message. In the past, they would have worked with me to make me feel more comfortable. This time, they just waited me out.

There is always learning available!

By the way, YES, it was cold that night. Remember, this is California. When it gets down to 31 degrees outside, it feels VERY COLD to me! Some might notice that I am sitting directly in front of the fireplace. You might also notice that I didn’t feel warm enough to take off my hat. Freezing is FREEZING to this California native!

This clip focuses on the Three Spiritual Decisions, the change in energy between 2008 and 2009, creating your reality, being a victim, the call to light workers for spiritual focus, and much more.

Scheduling reminder:
We will resume our Wednesday night Sonoma meetings on January 7th. We will meet in Martinez, CA on January 11th. For more information, please email



  1. Sandra said,

    “Change in terrain – that is a very good and useful concept.” It is evident when/where (1:59) your ego had “overstepped” itself, and the calm centeredness was temporarily lost. Interesting – thumbs up, and thankyou.

    • eloheim said,

      Thanks for the comment. I am not sure what you mean by, “my ego overstepped itself”. Perhaps you mean that my ego interrupted the flow of Eloheim’s teachings? I think of it more in the terms that my Veronica personality got in the way. I was conscious of what I was doing and did it anyway. I am not sure if acting from ego is acting consciously. I haven’t ever considered it before now.

      The whole thing was quite fascinating. Eloheim was telling a concept which they had originally shared during a private session. My mind got involved in trying to remember the story while they were in the process of telling it. That didn’t allow their teaching to flow.

      What is really interesting is how they handled that situation. In the past, we would have had an internal conversation to help me feel more comfortable. This time, they sat in silence and waited for me to restate my willingness for the channeling to proceed. My mind was spinning trying to remember the next part of the story. Yet, nothing came.

      Once I restated my willingness for their teachings to come through, things got back on track and stayed that way for the remainder of the meeting.

      I could have easily edited out this section of the video, but I feel it is important to share parts of MY journey both as a channel and as a Soul experiencing the human form. The Eloheim material would not be available but for the contributions and openness of the folks that come to the meetings. If I make that request of them, then I should be able to offer parts of my journey too. It isn’t always easy to do so.

      We are all on a journey of transformation and I am learning right along with everyone else!

      Blessings, Veronica

  2. […] clip from the 12-17-08 meeting. If you missed the first clip from the meeting, please visit: to watch […]

  3. peg hamilton said,

    I cannot access the actual channeling-
    but I get all the other information.
    can you advise?

    • eloheim said,

      Hello Peg, The actual channeling is in the form of a YouTube video. Are you able to see the video box? If you are on a slow internet connection, that may be the problem. Are you on dial up? Blessings, Veronica

  4. Sean Schroeder said,

    Love watching these sessions . . . Thank you for sharing them.

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