December 26, 2008

ELOHEIM: Going With The Flow

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Here is another clip from the 12-17-08 meeting. If you missed the first clip from the meeting, please visit: to watch it.

Here, Eloheim is specifically addressing a question I had from earlier in the week. I was presented with a new situation. I decided that I would just “go with the flow” and practice neutral observation along the way. I thought this was putting Eloheim’s teachings to work for me. The situation turned out to be quite uncomfortable.

Upon reflection, I realized that I needed to set boundaries in similar situations going forward. I also realized that I was a bit confused about how “going with the flow” and “setting intentions” and “neutral observation” and “boundaries” all fit together.

Some quotes from the clip:

Going with the flow is being a victim.

The difference is the attitude…remember neutral observation comes with the ability to set boundaries. Don’t forget that part. That is the only thing that makes neutral observation work. Otherwise, neutral observation is just (being) numb.

Go with the flow is ‘I am going to do my best to stay neutral no matter what happens.’ That means you are at the whim of others.

If you just say, ‘I am going to go with the flow’, mean: ‘I am going to be neutral and set boundaries as this flow occurs’. Not just, ‘I am going to suck it up and whatever comes down the pipe I am going to take.’ There is a BIG BIG BIG BIG attitude difference.

Scheduling reminder: Wednesday night sessions in Sonoma resume on January 7th. We will meet in Martinez, CA on January 11th. Email for details.

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  1. margy said,

    This message is a very helpful distinction. Thank you, Veronica, for posting the Eloheim messages. It is accessible information.
    This Spiritual life is an enBodied one and we are not thrown willy-nilly into Earth-life to be challanged randomly. I love Eloheim’s encouragement to witness all that arises as my co-creation, then get busy to create my part of it by setting goals, boundaries and creative imaginings. Then I can recieve ‘all that flows’ as my potion of the Whole to witness from neutral compassion. I feel very powerful, then, in a peaceful, non-assertive way.

    Veronica, I do wish to add a donation. Eloheim is a free gift of great value. And the time in your day that it takes to channel, collate and bring this to the internet must be enormous. So donation for your work is important.

    I also appreciate the personal way you present the work. All of us are regular people who are being asked to be the deepest Truth of us now. So much that is falling apart in the world will be recreated by what actually works for spiritually allive, creative community. All of us can be channelling our own Soul’s divine urges to be uniqely ourselves. The future is an exciting mystery then!

    Have you heard the saying: Excitement is fear plus deep breathing? I think excitement is not knowing future, but trusting inner direction. And I really do have to consciously breath to listen to that.


  2. Licia Berry said,

    Wonderful! Thank you Veronica for voicing what I have intuitively felt for ages…..”going with the flow” can be a state of disowning our power!

    And how important it is to lay boundaries down….and how often we have heard in the “spiritual” movement that setting boundaries is somehow weak or a show of the ego. That, is we are “spiritual”, we should transcend a need for earthly boundaries.

    I am so grateful to hear your clear and resounding, practical and grounded offerings! Thank you!

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