February 1, 2009

ELOHEIM: Transforming Fear 1-28-09

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In this clip from the meeting held in Sonoma, CA on 1-28-09, Eloheim discusses fear. This was a long meeting (105 minutes) as after their introductory comments, Eloheim did a mini session with each person present to look at and help transform the fears they were feeling. Since Eloheim moved around the room, there isn’t a lot of video beyond what I have included below! However, we do have the audio file of the entire meeting available.

Eloheim has previously shared that it is the body’s job to stay alive. Fear is the way that the body lets you know, “Hey, this could get you dead!” The body views change as a risk to its’ survival and reacts with fear. The Soul enters the human body with the express desire to experience change (transformation).

Managing these very different perspectives is a major component of the spiritual journey.

Here are some quotes from the video:

Your body is constantly looking for things it needs to be afraid of in order to protect you from those things.

In your desire for transformation you are actually pitting your spiritual journey against your survival instinct….[this must be] dealt with consciously or it can be paralyzing.

You are shepherding the body into this transformational space, as you shepherd the body …you have to be conscious that its’ job, all this time, is to look out for things it should be afraid of. Therefore, you live in fear until you become conscious of how those fears are either serving you or restricting you.

Here are some quotes from one of the mini-sessions during the meeting:

[When you desire to make a change] The mind and the body say, “Plan, plan, plan.” The spiritual journey is saying, “You can allow insight to inspire action.”…. now, because you are all raising your vibration to such a degree, you are starting to experience the gulf … between how you used to do it and how you [now] know it works better for you.  In between those two places is this void of, “I have to choose.”  Sometimes, because these are two distinctly different vibrational levels, you are trying to have your body in one ….and your spirit …[in another].  The two cannot be reconciled because they are too vibrationally different now.

You are now wanting to handle things from a high vibrational perspective so …. nothing seems to happen [unless you approach the situation from high vibration].

Be cautious that you don’t feel you have to match energy to solve a “problem.”

You are asking yourself to start functioning from a completely new place, that you are not familiar with, in big decision making.  In the “I am going to get dead” place, you are not used to making that become high vibrational. Sure maybe you can make the speech, but can you make a major life decision from  high vibration?  That’s why we are talking about it tonight. Because you need to start being able to do that.  So, it’s not easy, but we are starting; we are just at the beginning of this process.

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  1. John said,

    I think that this is a really good clip. The really tough part that I have been wondering about is even when you know that your fears are unfounded, how do you stop from feeling them anyways? Once that puzzle is solved, the possibilities are limitless!

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