Introduction to Eloheim & Channeling Schedule

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This page will link you to introductory information about Eloheim including: How does it work? and Who is Eloheim? If you have questions that these links don’t answer, please feel free to post them. Additionally, read the ‘common Eloheim terms and phrases’ definitions in the grey box on the right side of this page.

I channel Eloheim at 7:15 each Wednesday night in Sonoma, CA. If you are in the area and would like to attend, email for directions.


We will are no longer holding  meetings in Rohnert Park.

We do meet every Wednesday evening in Sonoma, but will NOT hold meetings on Wednesday, December 24th or Wednesday, December 31st.

We WILL have a meeting in Martinez, CA on Sunday, January 11th at 4:00pm. Email for directions and details.

The meetings are open to the public. Admission is by donation.

In this quick clip from the April 25th meeting, Eloheim defines Channeling.

From the meeting of 04-25-07, Eloheim defines channeling



How did you first meet the Eloheim?

Who is/are the Eloheim anyway?

How does the Eloheim come in to speak?

Aura Photo of Eloheim and more information


  1. soulmessages said,

    Greetings. I am glad to have found your blog. It’s quite interesting and well written! We seem to have very similar views in life. The Eloheim have called me before and since I have ‘happened’ upon your blog, perhaps it is my time to revisit them. Peace and blessings to you.

  2. donna said,

    i am new to eloheim- i am unable to hear the messages- computer slow or something- are they written somewhere? i am drawn-

  3. eloheim said,

    Some of the messages have been typed up. If you visit the archives in the darker grey column to the right, you will find a few messages that are typed which were posted in December 06.

    It takes a VERY long time to type up messages so I don’t do it very often. If you are on a dial up, it can be difficult to hear the audio. I am searching for a solution to this, but I haven’t found one yet.

  4. Natalie Mannering said,

    Regarding finding a way to help dialup folks access the audio channellings, you might check out the website of Prof. Jim McCanney
    He uses an old form of RealRadio for his weekly radio show, which always comes in loud and clear for me, and I have dialup on my computer. I think he checked out the various ways to broadcast and found this to be the best. Best wishes, Natalie

  5. eloheim said,

    Thank you! I will look into this.

  6. kalee powell said,

    Hi Veronica,
    I am checking in on your next S Rosa date. Is it Mon Jan 7 or Tue Jan 8th? It is usually on Tue, but you have posted it for Mon the 7th?
    Thanks for any help,

  7. eloheim said,

    Hi Kalee, Thanks for the catch!! The date is the 8th. We put the meeting off a week since the first Tuesday was New Year’s Day. Hope you can join us.

  8. David said,

    Hi, kind regards of a catalan, I have just discovered this page today. I’m working the videos on you tube since a few days, I go step by step. Please keep them jajaja, thank you.
    Have a very nice 2009!!!

  9. Darsho said,

    Greetings, Eloheim~ Veronica….we have just discovered your wonderful site and were wondering about your schedule. We live in Northern Nevada and are interested in your Bay Area events….thank y9u for keeping us posted…adg

    • eloheim said,

      Hello, I channel Eloheim every Wednesday night in Sonoma, CA at 7:15pm. Admission is by donation. If you would more information, please email I channel in Martinez, CA every few months. The next event is scheduled for March 29, 2009. Hope you are able to join us sometime. I am also producing the Well Being Expo in Sonoma on May 2/3, 2009. You can learn more at I won’t be channeling at that event, but if you were thinking of coming to the Bay Area, it might be fun to experience the Expo and a Channeling event during the same trip. Blessings, Veronica

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