January 16, 2007

Eloheim answers: What is gravity?

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What is gravity and how does it work?

Gravity is the intention of God, God’s intention, and intention is a force. Let’s let that be enough for now.

So you can see how powerful intention is.


January 14, 2007

Eloheim answers: Is Earth Hollow?

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Is Earth hollow?

If you need that to be true… if that’s your reality, then it will manifest for you. What you have to understand is that Earth exists in different “realities”… in one reality the Earth has a solid core, in one reality it has a molten core, and in one it has a hollow core. The world is actually different for each one of you. Each of you is actually experiencing a different version of the world and a different version of life. If you could change places with one another, you would be amazed at how different things look… which is fascinating to us.