November 5, 2008

ELOHEIM: Living in the AH AH Moment 11-2-08

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This clip is from our first meeting in Martinez, CA on 11-2-08. We have scheduled the next Martinez meeting for Sunday, January 11th, 4:00-6:00pm. If you would like to attend the January 11th meeting, please RSVP by email to If you would like an audio download or CD of the meeting, please visit our new download page at

Eloheim was thrilled to be in Martinez. They were ‘fired up’ and the meeting moved at a fast pace. This clip begins with a question about dreams and extends into a discussion of living in the Ah Ha moment, Free Will, communicating with your guides, Soul to Soul communication, moving from Homo Sapiens to Homo Spiritus, running your life through insight, living in the moment, Ascension, raising your vibration, consciousness, transformation of your biology, ‘shaking your finger’ at your guides and Soul, and even more!

Take the revelation of the Ah Ha moment and use it to inform the next moment!

Give up on ‘I’ve got to figure it out’ and open up to ‘I can just let it in’. It is all there waiting for you now.


Eloheim is channeled every Wednesday night in Sonoma, CA. However, we will NOT hold meetings on Wednesday, December 24th or Wednesday, December 31st.

May 31, 2007

Eloheim 05-23-07: How does I am Willing work with Free Will?

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Continuing from the clip posted yesterday, the discussion of the ‘I am Willing’ tool deepens.

You have to open a space of willingness for it to come in, so you can experience it.

This doesn’t give up your free will, it offers that the non-physical can create with you. They don’t override you, they support you in the thing you wish to do. The higher your vibration gets, the more that collaboration is needed because you don’t understand how to be a high vibrational human. Because you have no practice. The higher your vibration goes, the more you need to interface.


Eloheim 05-23-07: How does I am Willing work with Free Will

May 30, 2007

Eloheim: 05-23-07 I am Willing!

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This clip from the 05-23-07 meeting covers using the ‘I am Willing’ tool to find the next step in your Spiritual Growth. This clip came out of the discussion of changes going on in the lives of the group members. There is also a nice presentation of script holding.

The words ‘I am Willing’ are probably the three most powerful words you can use on your Spiritual Journey.

Eloheim: 05-23-07 I am Willing

February 20, 2007

Eloheim: 02-14-07 Judgement is the Barrier to Spiritual Growth

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Here are a couple of different ways that Eloheim shares their views on how we judge ourselves.

The judgment you inflict on yourself is the number one barrier to the spiritual growth you desire, number one, top of the list, by A LOT.

If you find yourself judging yourself, bring consciousness to that experience because you are on top of the barrier to your Spiritual Growth when you recognize that you are judging yourself.

After Elohiem shared this information about judging ourselves, one of the members of our group shared her experience of leaving her groceries in another town and her comment that she was feeling angry with God for it.

Eloheim takes this situation and builds on it (8 minute clip) sharing so many helpful tools including: creating your reality, taking responsibility for what you create, finding the gift, being in the moment, connecting with your soul, what IS is, Free Will, manifestation, leaving cause and effect behind, the difference between feeling and emotion, reaction rut, habitual response, and more. The questioner continues by asking how the information from the movie “The Secret” and the Law of Attraction can be included.

The clip ends abruptly because someone hit their funny bone and everyone started talking at the same time – about that feeling!

Eloheim: 02-14-07 Judgement is the Barrier to Spiritual Growth

February 16, 2007

Eloheim: 02-07-07 Extended discussion of Free Will

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This is a very interesting clip about how Free Will works. It also includes comments about why many lightworkers aren’t ‘rich’. It ends with the comment,

If you are (quote) ‘rich’, you might not experience one of the greatest forms of spiritual work that exists on planet Earth which is manifestation.

Eloheim: 02-07-07 Extended discussion of Free Will

January 28, 2007

Eloheim: 1-17-07 Karma

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In this clip, Eloheim speaks about Karma and are certain events fated.

January 12, 2007

Eloheim answers: How was the Universe created?

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Although this question was posed as pertaining to the Universe, my understanding is that the Eloheim created this Solar System, not the entire Universe.

How did they create the universe?

Well, the first thing we did is we had a plan and through our intention we were able to coalesce that into what you would call reality. So we did it with our minds, but really it was done with our intention… and that’s why we speak to you all about using your intention to create, because we know it works. But the original outline for this plan came straight from the mind of God, who asked for a free-will zone to be created to see what would happen, and we were charged with the obligation and the right to create a free-will zone. Earth is the first true free-will zone.

January 9, 2007

Eloheim answers: What happens after we die?

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What happens to humans after they die such as being reborn, going to heaven or hell, or just stop existing?

What you have to remember is that you have the ability to create your world and that because the spiritual never truly ends, and because you’ve involved yourself in a free-will environment, you can actually create that which you will experience after you die. It’s important to recall in this situation that it doesn’t take 100% of your soul to run a physical body on Earth. So your soul can never be lost in these illusions you create in a free-will zone. But a portion of your soul’s energy, or “hard drive”, could be spending time in hell, but not your entire hard drive… and at some point because hell then would be a free-will zone… at some point you might just get sick and tired of it and using your free will you could free yourself from it… which might be challenging. That’s a big lesson for a soul to go through… and many portions of souls are going through this at this time.

January 6, 2007

Eloheim: 1-18-06 Creating this World and Free Will Zone

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In this short clip, Eloheim talks about the word “elohim” and how it applies to the Eloheim. They also joke about driving the bulldozers when creating this world.