July 3, 2007

Eloheim 06-13-07: Using hot weather for transformation

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Hello everyone. I know that is has been awhile since I posted any clips. My intention is to get back to posting them more frequently. Here is a clip which continues Eloheim’s teachings about using the weather to facilitate transformation. This one is about using hot weather!

Eloheim 06-13-07: Using hot weather for transformation

January 21, 2007

Eloheim: 1-10-07 Using Cold Weather for Growth

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Eloheim often talks about what is going on right now and how to use that to further our growth. At this recent meeting, we were on the verge of a very cold (for us) period. In this clip, Eloheim teaches us ways to use the cold weather for our growth. Since I REALLY don’t like being cold, this was incredibly helpful for me.