June 17, 2007

July Channeling Schedule and other General Updates

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Hello everyone!

First a bit of news, We recently upgraded our system for recording the meetings.   After five years our trusty recorder was failing.  We bought a laptop and are now recording the meetings directly onto it.  All of our tests at home, using battery power, came out perfectly.  However, when we went to the meeting location and plugged the laptop in it caused a buzzing sound in the recording.  (anyone know how to prevent that????)  Unfortunately, we didn’t notice the problem until we replayed the meeting.

The first time we used the laptop was for the June monthly meeting. Our old microphone didn’t get the job done for us and the recording is impossible to listen to. We received a new microphone (thanks TED!) which is a great improvment.

The meeting of June 6th did record, but has the buzzing that I mentioned above.  I don’t think I will be able to post any of it online.

The meeting of June 13th is great  (now that we know to run on battery power when recording) and the audio is much improved.

We are doing a big project here at the house and that has kept me off of the computer. However, I will get some clips up soon.

The schedule for July is somewhat modified due to July 4th falling on a Wednesday.

We will meet in Santa Rosa for our normal ‘first Tuesday’ meeting on July 3rd.  The July 4th meeting is canceled.

Of course, we will meet in Sonoma on the Wednesdays before then and the Wednesdays after!

For more information about the Eloheim meetings, please call Joseph at 707-694-0652.




June 8, 2007

Eloheim 05-30-07 Soul, Personality, Body – How do these relate anyway?

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This clip from the 05-30-07 meeting includes a discussion between Eloheim and a new group member Simon. In this clip, Eloheim clarifies and explains many concepts including: How the Soul relates to the Body, What happens to the personality and its experiences after the incarnation, becoming Homo Spiritus, The point of this incarnation, and En-Souling your body.

Eloheim also gives a list of ways to facilitate En-Souling your body.

Eloheim 05-30-07 Soul, Personality, Body – How do these relate anyway?

June 2, 2007

Eloheim 05-30-07: Integration with your Soul continued

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This clip continues the discussion of Integration with your Soul. One of the group member’s shared an Integration experience that happened during a long road trip. This clip is Eloheim’s response and includes more tips on integrating.

Eloheim 05-30-07: Integration with your Soul continued

June 1, 2007

Eloheim 05-30-07: Integration with your Soul

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The May 30th meeting focused on integration between the body/personality self and the Soul. Eloheim has taught for some time that we can make more ‘room’ within ourselves to En-Soul our bodies by clearing away fear, guilt and lack, clearing our closet, working with our Core Emotion, aligning our attention and intention, looking for the gift, using the why, why, why too, releasing negative creating, etc.

The meeting took this idea to a new level by explaining what will occur as the integration with the Soul begins.

This 11 1/2 minute clip is the beginning of the meeting and includes Eloheim explaining that they are integrating with me and begins the discussion of how you can integrate with your Soul. I will add more clips from this meeting in the coming days. I found it very powerful.

Eloheim 05-30-07: Integration with your Soul