December 12, 2006

Who is/are the Eloheim anyway?

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Be sure to read the post, How did you first meet the Eloheim?, for more details.

I had never heard the term Eloheim until they introduced themselves that way. Someone then told me it was one of the names of God. I looked it up on the Internet and found that to be true. Visit the Catholic Encyclopedia and the Wikipedia page for further explanation. It is important to note that these entries use the spelling Elohim. I was guided to use the spelling Eloheim. (I before E except in Eloheim!)

So, we worked up the courage to ask, “are you God?”. Remember – I was VERY insecure about this entire process, the idea that God might be speaking through me was overwhelming. The answer was no – Thank God :). However, they had been given the task by God to create this Solar System so that we could come to Earth to grow as Soul’s.

My old stand by reaction, YEAH RIGHT!, flared up again. OK, you are not God, you just created the entire solar system……

The information we were receiving and assistance with the general problems and issues was so helpful that I didn’t doubt the helpfulness of Eloheim. However, I wasn’t about to believe that I was channeling beings that created the solar system.

Lots of people were getting helped by talking with Eloheim, but I often felt lost in the process. I really needed reassurance that I ‘wasn’t making this up’ and that I was ‘doing it right’. So, I prayed for reassurance. Within one week, I received it.

We were visiting Mt. Shasta and stopped in a metaphysical bookstore. We found the book, The Seven Mighty Elohim Speak. This book was channeled in 1957. I just looked up the book on the Ascension Research Center’s website and here is a quote:

The Seven Elohim are mighty Beings of Love and Light Who responded to the invitation of the Sun of this System and offered to help to manifest the Divine Idea for this System, created in the Minds and Hearts of our Beloved Helios and Vesta — God and Goddess of our physical Sun Itself. Through ages of time, the Elohim have learned how to successfully use the creative powers of thought, feeling, spoken word and action as God intended them to be used from the beginning and, in cooperative endeavor, the Elohim drew forth our entire System in perfect manifestation, of which System the Earth is just one small planet.

Finding this book was so helpful to me. Seeing this information from another source really helped alleviate my insecurities.

Eloheim is a group entity that presents as one voice. That one voice is typically a male energy, but come through with a female vibration on occasion. We refer to the Eloheim as He or They.


  1. Laurian E. Lucretia said,

    I have been in conscious awareness of the Eloheim since the mid 80’s and have all the Mt. Shasta books, I Am Presence books, Bridge to Spiritual Freedom books, AD Luk books, and many, many others.
    I have not found any prints of what they look like such as the ones available of the ascended masters- Have you ever seen any of the Eloheim. I have an assignment that involves what they look like. Can you help me out with this?
    I honor the work you are doing here. my web site is It is a new one and needs work but gives you a sense of who I am
    and the work I came here to share
    thanks so much for all you are sharing on this web site
    lots of love, Laurian Lucretia

  2. eloheim said,

    I don’t see the Eloheim. However, one of our regular participants sees him/them as an older man with long white hair and a white beard/mustache. It always sounded a bit like Gandalf to me!

  3. Magnum Adam said,

    Dear Ms. Torres and Eloh(e)im:

    This is so very interesting. I have recently, within the last few days, found your website, your blog. I shall be visiting it frequently hence forth. ::smile::

    As for the chosen appellation “Eloheim,” I find it quite a suitable name. I study Kabbalah and am fond of Judaism. Elohim (Alef, Lamed, Vav, Heh, Yod, and Mem Sophit)–incidently, how something such as this is spelled is irrelevant because it comes from another system of communication, and as long as it’s phonetically appropriate, it’s A-OK–means God(S). Not only is it plural but it connotes bisexuality, both the feminine and masculine currents within love and life–within the essence of being.

    Here’s another interesting bit of information supplied by Daniel C. Matt: In the beginning of the bible (no pun intended), the first word is “Be-Reshit” and is translated “With beginning” because “Be” means not only “in” but “with.” When the words are read in their exact order, God permutates from the subject of the sentence to its object. Thus, the opening words of the bible say, “With beginning, the ineffable source created God.”

    Now, there is the greater source that is beyond the 72 names of God, Elohim being one of these 72. It is Ain Sof Or, which is “Light Without Limit.” And then, in superlative fashion, there is Ain Sof (Without Limit) and then Ain (Nothing, but as in NO-THING). Indeed, the ineffable all that is IS NO-THING because it is EVERYTHING. These are some of the “secrets” of the Kabbalah, now exposed, and I assume it is concomitant with the teachings of Eloheim.

    Their number is very interesting and leaves me wondering . . . .

    All the best,

    Magnum Adam

  4. jeshua said,

    the Eloheim are a group soul because in the Upper-Creation Realms (10-12th Density) ALL IS ONE and there is a loss of the sense of “I”.
    The Eloheim reside in the 10th Density, the source of the Rays of the Cosmos. This realm is where light is differentiated and is the source of the plans of Creation which are sent to the Mid-Creation Realms (5-9th Density)

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