July 31, 2008

ELOHEIM VIDEO: What are you ready to heal in August 2008?

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This clip is from the 7-30-08 meeting. Eloheim revisits the energies of August 08 with specific focus on what you are ready to heal during this powerful month.

You may also want to view the longer description of the energies of August at this link:
Energies of August 2008/

In an effort to give you more of the feel of our meetings, I included a bit of the beginning of the meeting and also included the intuitive sounds by Margy Henderson which are from the end of the meeting.

This is the month to shed that which doesn’t serve you.

It would be very interesting to ask yourself each day in August, ‘what would I like to release today’….’what would I heal’,… ‘what is the thing I would transform my experience of?’


July 30, 2008

ELOHEIM VIDEO: Recognizing Your Ascension Path

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In this quick clip from the 7-23-08 meeting, Eloheim discusses the decision to have your Spiritual Journey become the number one priority in this incarnation and how that relates to the Now and to the Ascension process.

The Eloheim are consistently able to provide penetrating insight into the Spiritual Journey and have been of incredible help to many who felt stuck in their Spiritual Growth. (see below the video for comments)

We hold 5 public meetings per month in Sonoma County, please accept this invitation to join us if you are in the area. Individual sessions by phone can be arranged by sending an email to eloheimchannel@yahoo.com.

Thank you for all you do and being so willing to pass on this wonderful, healing, energetic information. Your group has changed my life so much for the better, I can’t tell you. Now I truly feel like I am on purpose when I go out in the world! What a gift. And I am seeing the results of my sharing what I learn each week.

— Randy C., Kenwood, CA

For thirty years I have explored many avenues on my spiritual path. I have read many books, attended lectures, meditation groups, and seminars. I had lots of knowledge, but I found applying it was difficult. My book knowledge really didn’t help me deal with everyday emotions or events. A year ago I began to attend the Eloheim group in Sonoma. The messages have been life changing. I can feel myself responding differently, as I apply what I have learned. I look at events differently, looking for the gift, rather than slipping into emotion. Eloheim’s teaching is Truth for me. I find it pertinent and supportive. It takes diligence and mindfulness, but the results are powerful. I am very grateful for what I am learning. Thank you Eloheim and Veronica.

— Marilyn P., Sonoma, CA

July 28, 2008

ELOHEIM VIDEO: How the NOW Leads to Bliss

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From 7-23-08 part 2 of 2:

When you stop and (are) conscious of the now, the next moment is a moment of discovery. When you allow yourself to be swept along with habitual responses to the now, and your judgment that something (you are experiencing) is bad, the next moment is suffering.

So, you choose.

It is a Spiritual Choice.

The video image is quite dark as the sun went down and the room lights were off. This is part two of the discussion about the moment from the meeting of 7-23-08.

July 27, 2008

ELOHEIM VIDEO: 7-23-08 A New Look at Lack of Money

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7-23-08 part 1 of 2:

Last Wednesday Eloheim deepened the discussion about lack and how lack operates in our lives. The discussion covers how ‘arguing with the now’ energetically aligns you with lack.

I had never made this connection before and this information really shifted my perspective.

I added the very beginning of the meeting to the front of this clip so you can experience how Eloheim comes in. Margy Henderson, Sound Healer, shares intuitive sounds at the beginning and end of each meeting as Eloheim comes in and leaves.

These quotes really stood out for me:

Whenever you argue with (the) Now, you are aligning yourself with lack. Because of habitual response, when you internally experience lack, even unconsciously, the slippery slope you end up at the bottom of is – the lack of money.

The feeling attached with any state is based on judgment and habitual response. Remember, (a) feeling is an option not a mandate. (A) Feeling is indicating a place where you need to make a Spiritual Choice.

July 20, 2008

ELOHEIM VIDEO: Preparing for the energetic shift of Aug 08

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This video is from the July 16th meeting. In this meeting, Eloheim describes the upcoming energetic shift due to take place during August 2008. There are four aspects to this shift: Solar Eclipse, Lunar Eclipse, The Olympics, and many community leaders experiencing life reviews.

Toward the beginning of part one, Eloheim talks about “letting go of the rope” and “becoming a spiritual free agent” which happened during the major energy shift of late March 2008. If you aren’t familiar with these concepts, you may want to review this post from the April 1, 2008 session before watching the videos.

Part 1 of 2

Part 2 of 2

Eloheim is channeled in Sonoma, CA every Wednesday evening. Meetings are open to the public. CDs and DVDs of the meetings are available. Private sessions by phone can be arranged by contacting Joseph at 707-694-0652.

July 15, 2008

Eloheim Video: Energies of July 2008

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Each month, Eloheim gives us a summary of the energies for the upcoming month. Here is the session that covers July.

Part 1

Part 2

July 3, 2008

ELOHEIM VIDEO: Staying clear of low vibrational beings

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Video from the meeting of 12/26/06. Eloheim’s comments about staying clear of low vibrational beings. It was cold that night and I am wearing a fun hat!

July 1, 2008

ELOHEIM VIDEO: Guidelines on raising your vibration

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Here is a portion of the meeting from Nov. 15, 2006.  We plan to add additional and newer videos in the coming weeks.