November 29, 2008

ELOHEIM: Greatest Hits Flashback #1 Souls

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This morning, I was filling an order for the CD version of one of our recent meetings.  Since the meeting was 85 minutes and each CD holds only 80 minutes,  I had a HUGE amount of blank space on the second CD.  I decided to fill that space with some short audio clips from previous meetings.  I thought it would be fun to listen to those clips before mailing the CD and found them to be quite good reminders of important concepts.

So, why not share them here as well?  Can’t think of any reason not to!

Here is flashback #1 which focuses on clips about our relationship to our Souls.

Clicking on these links will open your media player. Depending on your computer set up it could take up to a few minutes for the link to start playing.

This first clip is 3:16.  In it, Eloheim talks about balance,  our tendency to judge our experiences, and the Soul’s relationship to our experiences.

ELOHEIM: 01-24-07 What IS is

This 3:42 clip compares the personality self to the Soul Self and talks about how much of our Soul is being embodied at this time.

ELOHEIM: 1-31-07 Your relationship to your Soul, En-Souling your body

In this 1:26 clip, Eloheim shares why we don’t have our entire Soul in our body.

ELOHEIM: 1-31-07 Why isn’t my entire Soul in my body?

I plan to create more flashback posts on different subjects in the coming days.


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