January 8, 2007

Eloheim: 12-27-06 God, Higher Self, Soul, Holy Spirit, How do they relate?

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A very interesting clip where Eloheim defines the Soul and talks about how it relates to God, Holy Spirit, and the Higher Self.

[odeo= odeo.com/audio/5432513/view]


December 24, 2006

QUOTE OF THE DAY: Getting in touch with your Higher Self

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What are the best ways to get in touch with your higher self, and how do you know when it has happened?

You’ll know because you’ll find yourself having insights and information that you don’t currently have. The best ways are by your intentions… repetitious intentions. Every day, even three or more times a day, stating your intention to be more in touch with your higher self. Your higher self wants to be in touch with you, but you must make the intention, repeat it, and want to connect. Part of the reason you don’t connect with your higher self or guides and angels is because doubt gets in the way. If you connect with your soul, angels, and guides on a regular basis you build the bridge, because you get past doubt.

If you have a decision in doing something in your life… stop and ask for your inner guidance to give you feedback… then wait and see what comes to you. If you get nothing in response… decide for yourself which option you like and then ask again for your inner guidance to back you up in your decision and wait again to feel for things to shift within you. Doing this will help you get a feel for when your higher guidance is working with you and familiarize yourself with that energy.