May 30, 2008

Two Eloheim channeling meetings next week, Tues and Wed

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Since next week is the first Tuesday of the month, we will have our monthly meeting in Santa Rosa.  We will also have our regular, weekly meeting on Wednesday in Sonoma.  Additionally, I will be channeling Eloheim in Ashland, Oregon on June 21st.

Here is a short quote from Eloheim taken from our first book which is currently being created.

Your Soul decided to incarnate as a human on Earth in order to grow.  You, as a personality, were formed by your Soul and created from your Soul’s essence.  You collaborated with your soul to craft your personality and life template to maximize the opportunities for your Soul to experience the growth it desires.  Your Soul has many situations it wishes you to experience in order to facilitate that growth. Your personality, your thoughts, your feelings, and all of your experiences, will eternally be a part of your Soul.

Our meetings are open to the public.  We meet in Sonoma, CA every Wednesday and in Santa Rosa, CA on the first Tuesday of each month.  Call Joseph at 707-694-0652 if you would like details about attending the Sonoma meeting.  Call Patty 707-327-8393 if you would like details about attending the Santa Rosa meeting.

May 23, 2008

Control and Creativity — Such a dance I do!!

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The other day a friend of mine made a very interesting observation. She said, “I don’t get you. You have such a fiery personality and are ‘A Force of Nature’ getting things done, yet when you channel you must surrender to the process. I have never understood how you can be both of those things.”

Well, she really hit the nail on the head with that one.

One way I manage this is practice. I have held almost six years of weekly channeling meetings. That is a LOT of practice. Additionally, this is a BIG place of healing for me and it is a major component of my own Spiritual Journey. Moving from “doing” to “being” is a big part of what is going on for me now.

I had a Lifeline Session with Tammas Hamilton about two weeks ago. It was incredibly powerful. The main insight I gained from the session was the idea that Control and Creativity are at either end of a spectrum. When I become conscious of trying to be in Control (of my experience), I now know that there is an opportunity to be Creative waiting there for me. I just have to be conscious enough to move out of my habitual “doing” and open to “being” so I can access that creative place.

As a “Doer” or Force of Nature as my friend likes to say, there has been a great deal of satisfaction with “getting things done MY WAY.” A lot of the time that worked out just fine. However, as the energetics change and as I raise my vibration, it becomes very clear that “control” is a low vibrational state.

Releasing into creativity is a high vibrational state.

Actually “being” in the creative state and realeasing the habitual response of control is my current place of growth or, as another friend puts it, “that’s what’s up for healing right now.”

Eloheim and I have had quite a few conversations about this whole process and I would like to share some of their insight.

As we said in the last blog post, there is a big difference between thinking and insight. One of the main differences is the vibrational level. If your vibrational level is to remain high, insight from your Soul needs to become a main source of illumination.

The first reaction to this concept we anticipate is something along the lines of, “you mean I can’t use my thinking to figure things out?”

Thinking and figuring things out has been a place of pride for you. It gives you feelings of success. It separates you from the animals. It has made you, “YOU”. Again, the concept of “I think, therefore I am” is reveals how important thinking is in your culture.

Now, there is a higher way of being in your world. Thinking is no longer the top rung of the ladder. It is not the ultimate tool for experieincing yourself. There is a new way.

This new way of experiencing yourself is being guided by insight from your Soul.

Right away, you will probably try to understand this. Know now, this cannot be understood by the mind. This is a completely different way of experience illumination and the mind has no place in it.

Also know that you cannot “control” this process the way you could direct your thinking. This process involves being creative (open) about receiving insight. Insight can just pop into your brain, it can come from the song on the radio, from the words of a friend, from the book you are reading, from an error message your computer gives, from the license plate of the car in front of you, from a “conicidence”, from a pain in your body, from the plant in your garden, from the smile on your child’s face….see how creativity is involved?

Instead on controlling how you get insight, you relaxing into being open to allow the creativity of your Soul to provide you insight.

As you become conscious of this process, the mind will want to understand it. Demanding understanding is another form of control. Allow insight to flow and don’t block the flow by demanding to understand how it all works. Just enjoy this new way of being. This new way of being that reinforces a high vibrational state!

For me, a radical form of allowing the flow of insight is to move ahead with a book of the Eloheim materials. This is a process which I cannot control! Every time I work on it, it is a process of creativity and of healing the habitual response of “doing” within myself. Just getting to the point to make this further surrender into creativity has been a huge healing.

We are already having a good time with the book and I will post updates on its progress.

May 19, 2008

Thinking and Insight, they can feel the same, but are not.

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Yesterday, Eloheim clarified something for me and I thought you might enjoy hearing about it as well. Sometimes, I can hear Eloheim as if they are standing right next to me. Other times, it seems like they are so far away that I can barely make out their words.

Eloheim has committed to always being available so I figured the difference in my experience had something to do with me. Their explanation was quite interesting. It started with a reminder about what the mind and thinking are really about and moved into how we can understand how Thinking and Insight can feel the same, but are quite different.

When you were more connected with the Earth, the flow of the seasons, etc. It was much easier to “Be”. When you are in a being state, receiving insight from your Soul is your natural condition.

As your culture moved away from a connection to the Earth and expereinced an Industrial Revolution and then a Technological Revolution, you moved into a state where the mind and thinking were valued more than your connection to the essence of being.

The saying, “I think, therefore I am” presents this idea quite clearly. Your identity was redefined and became dependent upon your ability to think.

Thinking’s role is actually to care for the body. Thinking was never designed to have a role in the Spiritual Journey. The Spiritual Journey is the realm of the Soul and is directed by Insight. The Spiritual Journey is not “figured out” or even “understood”. That is why the mind has such a problem with the Spiritual Journey. It can’t understand it.

We like to say “Understanding is Overrated.”

We also like to say, “if thinking could have figured it out, it would have figured it out a long time ago.”

The reason that it is sometimes difficult to experience guidance and insight is that you are busy thinking. Thinking is a low vibrational activity. Guides can’t lower their vibration enough to interact with you at that level. Thinking needs to be returned to its place as caretaker of the body. Insight needs to resume its role as the guide for the Spiritual Journey.

If you find your mind taking up too much of your attention, give it another job. Remember, the mind is actually in charge of the body. Instruct it to go count the white blood cells or to heal your low back pain. Try this, it actually works to help quiet the mind!

A quiet mind allows you to experience a state of “Being”. Insight and answers flow into you when in this state.

Many of you may get confused trying to understand the difference between thinking and insight. At issue is that “thinking” and “insight” seem to use the same parts of your body, namely your brain. This similarlity of experience can make it difficult to trust in the difference between the two states.

Consider this example: You have an email on your computer which you have typed yourself. You also have an email on your computer which you received from the other side of the globe. Both use the same program, both use the same machine, both look just about the same. However, one came from you and the other came from somewhere else.

This is very similar to the different between Thinking and Insight. Everything is the same except the information received and where the information comes from.

You can tell that it is insight from your Soul and not a by product of thinking because insight will raise your vibration, it will give you that “Ah Ha” feeling, it will often be simpler, and it will say nice things to you.

One of the easiest ways to tell that you are thinking is to listen to what is being said! Thinking is often harsh and rough on you. Insight lifts you up, provides solutions, and can even be funny.

Become conscious of insight appearing in your life. Learn to separate it from those times that you spend thinking. The more you look for Insight, the more it will be able to reach you.

May 17, 2008

Oh, this is Heavenly…

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It has been VERY hot in Sonoma, CA in recent days. One report indicates that it was 104 yesterday afternoon. This morning, I wanted to do some work in the yard while it was still relatively cool (low 80’s).

After about an hour, I sat down for a break. I found a shady spot and I was enjoying the view and feeling my heart rate starting to slow down. I had taken off my hat and was cooling off a bit. Then, a lovely little breeze swept across the yard. It was all so nice that I said to myself,

“Oh, this is Heavenly”

To which Eloheim replied

“No, actually it isn’t. If anything, it is Earthy. In all of creation which we have experienced, nothing is quite like the Earth experience. Don’t miss it by rushing it by.”

That is a wonderful example of my relationship with Eloheim. We don’t talk all the time. But, they do pop in with words of observation and wisdom (they are often very funny). This one really struck me as a powerful reminder. I thought you all might enjoy hearing it as well.

Blessings on your journey,